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Raising the roof with Cascadia Vehicle Tents

CVT needed a website that could function as their digital showroom within a rapidly growing industry

We leveraged a headless Magento foundation to support CVT's complex and growing ERP system. The result was a powerful backend built for product managment while simplifying content curation through a user-friendly CMS.

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Data Driven Design built the website with easy content management and powerful ecommerce as parts of a balanced whole. Scroll Magic was leveraged to create loading and scroll effects, while a custom API was built to allow Craft and Magento to work together to deliver a visually stunning design while keeping the beefiness of Magento’s ecommerce platform to handle inventory and sales.

Tools of the Trade

Craft CMS

Scroll Magic

Javascript / HTML5 / SCSS

Headless Magento

Custom API to integrate Craft and Magento

MailChimp API

Bootstrap 4

Netsuite ERP


Multi-Warehouse Inventory


Technical Direction

Frontend Development

Backend Development

Systems Architecture

Technology Solution

Data Driven Design was hired to make it possible to have the best of both worlds: enterprise level ecommerce and boutique, highly interactive UI/UX. We accomplished this using a headless Magento 2 backend with Netsuite communicating via a customized Magento 2 REST API with a Craft CMS based UI.

Fully decoupling the experience layer from the constraints of the Magento theming system allowed us to build a very custom design for a fraction of the cost of building directly on Magento. It also made the administration of the site much easier as it separated the management of the presentation layer into Craft CMS. Craft's fully-customizable, user friendly backend system was the perfect fit to support their marketing team's needs and allowed the bulk of the ecommerce management to take place in the Netsuite ERP so their employees have a single point to maintain product information.

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Premium products with superior customization

We built an interactive product configurator allowing the customer to see the product update in real time, including interactive hotspots that inform the user about specific product features.

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Try it before you buy it

A custom, dynamic, rental form was created allowing customers to have a cart like experience while requesting products to rent and preview what they are renting as they fill out the request form.

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