Web Development

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A new interface for the next generation

Integrity Logistics wanted their new site to reflect their forward-thinking approach to the industry

The design leverages a highly animated user interface, which is rare across their competitor's websites. Integrity wanted to showcase their position when it comes to challenging the status-quo and pushing the boundaries of what a logistics industry veteran can be.

Ninja 2

Tools of the Trade


Craft CMS

Scroll Magic

SVG Animation


Fullpage JS

Javascript / HTML5 / SCSS


Microsoft SQL Server



Technical Direction

Frontend Development

Backend Development

Dude, where's my package?

We utilized a custom API written to interact with Microsoft SQL Server logistics data for real-time shipment tracking. Transparency and ease of tracking shipments equals happier customers.

Int Tracking Laptop

A new generation of animated elements

For all animations used across the site, we leveraged animated SVGs to allow for quick page load times and optimized performance

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