Web Development

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Getting from A to B

The client wanted to build a site to introduce their newly-founded business.

Market Express wanted to stand out across the stodgy, stagnant landscape of shipping and logistics company websites. We brought them up to speed with a site full of modern features and functionality.

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Tools of the Trade


Apostrophe CMS

Scroll Magic

Javascript / HTML5 / SCSS

SVG Animations


Mailgun API



Technical Direction

Frontend Development

Backend Development

Low-friction application process

Considering the massive turnover rate of drivers in the industry, Market Express wanted to create an application process that enabled drivers to quickly and easily begin the process using a simple user interface.

Mx Owner Operator

Animated SVGs

We utilized animated SVGs to display information across the site such as their shipping routes and regions of service. This method produced a much smaller file size compared to traditional animated graphics made with GIFs, ultimately leading to faster page loading times.

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